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Gain insight into your potential financial aid eligibility and estimate your family's Student Aid Index (SAI), formerly Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

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There are 1,000s of opportunities for you to get your hands on FREE money for college. Browse the list of available scholarships and grants.

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Sign up for the tool that more than 20K customers worldwide trust - Imagine Scholarships. Customers have access to an extensive selection of scholarship and internship opportunities along with personalized support that makes paying for school much easier! Use code “colleging” on the signup page to claim your special discount.


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Get insight into the smartest and fastest ways you can pay for student debt.

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Estimate Monthly Loan Payments

See How Paying Interest While in School Saves You Money

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Find cheap textbooks and take advantage of selling the textbooks you no longer need for cash!

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Borrowing a loan through a credit union has its perks. Find a credit union close to you and see all of the benefits they can offer.


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The first step in financial aid after considering scholarships. Apply for federal aid, and federal and state grants here.

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Paying for College

Our Must-Read Articles

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The Student Aid Index: The New Way to Calculate College Aid
The Student Aid Index: The New Way to Calculate College Aid

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is about to fundamentally change how eligibility for college financial aid is calculated. Here's what you need to know and a link to a free calculator to estimate eligibility for college aid using the new methodology.

Understanding and Appealing Financial Aid Award Letters
Understanding and Appealing Financial Aid Award Letters

For gardeners, April showers bring May flowers. For high school seniors, the bloom may already be off the rose. The joy of getting college acceptance letters often quickly fades as the reality of comparing colleges and determining “the one” comes into focus.

Left on the Table: The Saga of Unclaimed Pell Grant and Scholarship Money
Left on the Table: The Saga of Unclaimed Pell Grant and Scholarship Money

Consider the tried-and-true axiom for the lottery: “You need to be in it to win it”. Well, when it comes to applying for federal financial aid, nearly two million high school students annually are deciding not to play the game whatsoever, a decision that is costing almost half of them the chance for some much-needed assistance in the form of free money.

What to Do with a Lousy Financial Aid Package

The excitement of a college acceptance letter can be quickly replaced with anxiety if the financial award is a bust. Here are some tips to increase it.

Help Me Understand Financial Aid

Paying for college can be overwhelming. Learn the basics of financial aid and identify resources you’ll need to participate in the financial aid process.

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